I just bought a hosting plan. Now what?

The first thing to do is activate your account. Smartwebshosting.com and click the My Account button. Type your Client Number or Login Name and Password into the boxes and push the Enter key on your keyboard. In the list of products that displays, select the grey box next to Web hosting. Pick the account you’d like to turn on ( if there’s more than one ) and push the Launch button for that account. The next few steps are rather simple just click the Enter domain box and type in the website name you want to use for your web site or select it from the list. Type in your own FTP user-name or use the one we suggest and create a password. Confirm your FTP password and click Finish. Done! It’d take anywhere from Thirty mins to Twenty-four hours for your hosting account to be active. We’ll email you all the account details once it’s ready to go.