Joomla! Web Hosting

Joomla! Is an award-winning CMS ( content management system ) and very popular amongst webmasters and SmartWebs Hosting customers

All our website hosting services completely support Joomla! But the above plans are specially optimized for the Joomla! CMS application

By selecting SmartWebs Hosting as the website host for your Joomla! Site, you are guaranteed of a fast, trustworthy and friendly hosting partner to help you both launch and grow your website.

Feature Plan

Our plans feature :

1-Click Joomla! Installation this lets you employ Joomla! In under Two minutes without any technical training, file modifying or FTPing required!


Joomla! Optimized hosting platform. Our website servers are designed for web applications like Joomla! And come equipped with Eight CPUs ( processors ), 16GB DDR3 RAM ( memory ) and RAID10 Hard Drives ( redundant striped and mirrored for speed / reliabi

Smartwebs Hosting Support Team

Smartwebs Hosting support team available 24x7x365 to help you when you want it. We have an extended Joomla! Guide to help you and our knowledgeable team guarantee your website is generally successfully running fast.

These Joomla! Hosting plans are optimized for Joomla! Websites.