Presumably many others are also in circumstances comparable with mine: I am working with people who have been retained to help improve my WordPress website and I need to understand the technical nomenclature, the interdependence of components, and other “basics.” Hence the importance to me of having volumes such as this one to fill in my information/understanding gaps.

As is also true of other Packt publications in its “WordPress” series, notably Heather R. Wallace’s WordPress 3 Site Blueprints, Tessa Blakeley Silver`s WordPress 3.0 jQuery, and Brandon Corbin’s WordPress Top Plug Ins, Silver again provides about as much information, insights, and advice that I need to in order to work effectively with my website team. Our shared objective: To co-create professional (i.e. “commercial strength”) themes.

  • WordPress plugin basics for both Macs and PCs
  • About those that focus exclusively on 100% free and open plugins
  • Screenshots for each plugin that are organized by complexity to install and manage
  • Search Terms for automatic installation of plugins
  • Instructions on configuring and setting up the more complex plugins
  • The eBook available as PDF and ePub downloads and also on PacktLib

You can obtain even more information about this book by visiting

In another review, I will share what I learned from Tessa Baker Silver’s Word Press Theme Design, a volume that provides a complete guide to creating professional WordPress themes.